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PDEV offers the following range of services:

Big Data

Big Data Processing, Storage and Analytics

What is Big Data?

"A buzzword, or catch-phrase, used to describe a massive volume of both structured and unstructured data that is so large that it's difficult to process with traditional database and software techniques."

- Webopedia

With the commoditization of processing power, storage capacity and cloud accessibility businesses are accumulating masses of data. Big Data data processes and analyzes this data quickly and cheaply without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure. Big Data Storage is moving over to NoSQL data-repositores.

We are a pioneer of of Hadoop Big Data in South Africa and are participating in Microsoft’s Azure Hadoop Trial programme by inivitation.

We are currently deploying Hadoop for the processing and analysis of petabytes of electricity consumption data.

We have deployed HBase, MongoDB and RavenDB NOSQL repositories.

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Since 2003 we have delivered Software Engineering courses to more than 3000 developers in South Africa, United Kingdom, Israel and Germany.

ITC and developer skills shortage is endemic within South Africa. We are partnering up with the Department of Education and FET’s to deliver advanced courses in practical software development skills. The ~pdev/FET Training Institute will be launched in 2012.

We also offer niche training to developers - the following courses will be on offer during 2012:

~Programming for iPad and iPhone for experienced developers (Objective-C)
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~Android Programming (Java)
~Introduction to Hadoop and NoSQL
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Mobile computing is emerging as the major front-end deliver platform for business and enterprise applications. Business application servers need to be designed with mobile connectivity in mind.

Software is designed for mobile delivery in addition to web-delivery.

We have expertise and experience in Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Phone and HTML5.

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Enterprise software systems are required in large corporations with legacy and new systems. The legacy systems have to work in conjunction with new systems and have to be present in new , appealing, secure and rapid formats.

We have extensive experience in SOA and SAS with a firm coding competency in .NET, JAVA, Python and Objective-C and JQuery.

We are placing especial emphasis on real time enterprise messaging and search for the enterprise with experience in deployments of RabbitMQ, NServiceBUS, HTML 5 Web Sockets. PDEV is currently impementing a SOLR enterprise search server for global utility tariff registry.

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Some of our work

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Trackmatic Solutions

State of the art vehicle tracking, fleet management and routing enterprise application for Trackmatic.
First use internationally of HTML 5.0 Websockets and RabbitMQ for real time multi-vehicle tracking
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Virtual cloud based Utility. Monitors electricity consumption on circuit by circuits basis.
Open APIs for connectivity to all data transmitting devices.
Big Data processing and analysis
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Alexander Forbes

Enterprise systems for Alexander Forbes over last seven years: Home Loan Management; Claims Management; Bulk Printing.
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Foreign Exchange Forward, Futures and Single Stock Trading platform
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CES - Computerised Electricity Systems

Computerized electricity for intelligent distribution board.
Cloud based system used in USA, Canada, South Africa and Israel

Our Clients

PDEV’s past and current clients include a variety of known companies in South Africa and abroad.

Financial Services


Financial Institution

Alexander Forbes

Financial Institution


Financial Institution


Financial Institution


Financial Institution


Financial Institution

Standard Bank

Financial Institution


Telecommunications Company


Electrical Company


Energy Company


Beverage Manufacturer


Vehicle Tracking Solutions Provider


Courier Company


Stock Broking Firm


Agricultural Investments


Corporate IT Service and Solution provider


International services, trading and distribution company


Car Manufacturer


Higher Education Institution

Dimension Data

IT Solutions

About us

PDEV has a solid grounding and experience in traditional technologies: OO and RDBMS. But the technology landscape is shifting and PDEV has acquired competencies and pioneering developments in Big Data and Mobile Application Development.

PDEV was founded in 2003, with the advent of the Microsoft .NET platform. The PDEV founders had extensive previous experience in the IT industry both locally and globally. The initial focus was to introduce .NET to the Enterprise space within Southern Africa.

Since 2003, PDEV has delivered .NET Enterprise courses to more than 3000 developers in Southern Africa, and consulted to major corporations and developments houses (ISVs) within Southern Africa, the United Kingdom, Israel and Germany on developing projects for the enterprise using .NET.

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